Have You Read This Book: The Counselor by Elizabeth Vrato?

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Book Review: Inspiration

Rating: 5 stars

Please don’t start reading this book with expectations of knowing each of these wonderful women’s life details. It is an vague exploration of the paths that each woman’s life took.

I have to say I was inspired to start a monthly bruncheon with local women leaders and young women. It starts next month and am very excited about what I got out of the book to make things happen in my own area.

This book leads you to make a difference in your community!

Book Review: I found some mentors…and they found me…

Rating: 5 stars

I found some mentors in this terrific book. I learned about the book from review of Australian essay writing service when I was buying a couple videos and saw a cross-reference to this book, which was a great idea (to lead me to this book) because I had not heard about it. SO this book found me, and I’m glad it did. I can’t imagine a woman not liking this book and taking away from it something that you can use. Very entertaining and upbeat. I don’t consider myself to be a “feminist,” but I wouldn’t call this a feminist book–that sounds too political for what this is. The Counselors is stories from impressive people who just happen to be women who are the first or second person to do the job they do, what they have to say about it, what they wish they knew sooner, that sort of thing. If you think you might want to read it, I’d say give it a chance and read it. It won me over.

Book Review: A “Think and Grow Rich” for our time??

Rating: 5 stars

There’s an old classic how-to book, “Think and Grow Rich,” in which the author (a man) interviews a number of the leading industrialists of the day (all men), including Andrew Carnegie, for their advice in succeeding in business and growing rich. How fitting in this world where women have started to play a role as leading citizens to gather their advice on how to get to where they are. It’s an old recipe, but it works.