The Must-Read Book: A Door into Ocean

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And now, the occupying forces of Valen are ready to use satellite weapons to completely obliterate the Sharers.

All the Sharers can do is sit, watch, and die as they wait for the male freaks to give in…


The theme of a world populated by only females, and then bringing in a DNA-compatible male to see how he interacts among them is a novel idea, and well-laid out.

The character development and locations were portrayed so well by the author that it was a simple matter to root for the Shoran females as their plight was so believable. The characters interacted with each other so smoothly that it leaves vivid memories of each and every one of those moments.

This novel could also follow what some may call a “rags to riches” type of theme where it takes a common teenager, forces him to grow up and mature quickly, and deliver him into a new life of strength, responsibility, and a whole new world of wonder and freedom.

This is bound to be one of the best works that you will read if you take our advice and pick this up. It’s a “must read” for sure! We want a sequel.


In a twist of a story about Amazon women, this is a story where humans have evolved to live symbiotically with nature on a completely water-covered moon named Shora. No males, and totally evolved to reproduce without them. And, the society is a completely interwoven one where there is no war and all decisions are made by consensus of the entire population.

This storyline is described and covered in enough detail and reinforcement that it seems a very possible and plausible society.

When two Sharers come together as ‘love sharers’, there is only allusion to intimacy, so there is no detraction from the main themes of the story. There are 4 themes that are covered, but they are so intertwined that you sometimes get caught up and can’t wait to see how situations resolve.

The attention to storyline detail is obvious and shows with the immersive depth of all the character interactions drawing you right in the midst of the different dealings between not only the Sharers and the invaders, but between the Sharers themselves.


Since the Sharers had evolved beyond the need for males to complete the reproductive process, the Sharers developed a way for males to be painfully stricken if sex is attempted as males and females normally would. This was in response to the Traders that would take the Sharer females by the use of force.

So, near the end, when one of the Sharers offers to have children with a Valen male, how is it that this can now be accomplished without either of them in pain? The author made it clear it was extremely hard on both participants…

There doesn’t seem to be a sequel.